Commercial Contracting for Strategic Advantage - Potentials and Prospects

Turku, Finland, 13-16 June, 2007

Full information about the conference, including program, abstracts etc., is available at The following was presented at the session "Securing ICT Outsourcing Success through Proactive Law"


Tobias Mahler: A Case Study on Legal Risk Management in ICT Outsourcing
Claude Mayer: Contract Management and Corporate Governance in Practice - Lessons Learned


Terhi Aittonen, Conference administrator, Soili Nysten-Haarala, Speaker and Member of Organising Committee.

Anette Kavaleff, Nordic School of Proactive Law representative and Jorge Enrique Galvis Tovar, Rosario University Columbia, former participant in Stockholm Universtity Master Programme of Law and IT

Mara Jos Va, Contact person for LEXML Spain

Cecilia Magnusson Sjberg, Session chair and Member of Organising Committee

Claude Mayer, Speaker

Tobias Mahler, Speaker

Helena Haapio, Speaker and Member of Organising Committee