Welcome to the website of the Nordic School of
Proactive Law.


The Idea

Proactive Law is a future-oriented approach to law placing an emphasis on legal knowledge to be applied before things go wrong. It comprises a way of legal thinking and a set of skills, practices and procedures that help to identify opportunities in time to take advantage of them – and to spot potential problems while preventive action is still possible. In addition to avoiding disputes, litigation and other hazards, Proactive Law seeks ways to use the law to create value, strengthen relationships and manage risk. This is of particular relevance in today’s information society where IT and corporate interdependence play a central role. Proactivity has existed in the legal sphere for quite some time but, compared with many other legal fields, the perspective has not been widely researched or practiced. The Nordic School of Proactive Law was established in response to a need to further develop practically oriented methods and legal theories of Proactive Law.

The Background

Proactive Law has its origins in Preventive Law comprising legal and practical principles for anticipating and avoiding legal problems. The National Center for Preventive Law (NCPL) was founded by Professor Louis M. Brown, known as the Father of Preventive Law, and is hosted by California Western School of Law, San Diego, CA. The NCPL website at http://www.preventivelawyer.org/ offers a general introduction to the theory of Preventive Law and how it applies to particular areas of practice. The first Conference dedicated to Proactive Law, “Future Law, Lawyering, and Language: Helping People and Business Succeed”, was organized in Helsinki, Finland in May 2003. For abstracts and visualizations, see http://www.ulapland.fi/?deptid=13095. A selection of the Conference papers is published in the Preventive Law Reporter, Vol. 21, No. 4 (Summer 2003). The second Conference on Proactive Law, "Fusing Best Business Practises with Legal Information Management and Technology", was organized in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2005. The Proceedings, together with other articles related to the topic, are published in Scandinavian Studies in Law, Volume 49, A Proactive Approach, see http://sisl.juridicum.su.se/

The People

The Nordic School of Proactive Law consists of both practitioners and researchers engaged in Proactive Law in each Scandinavian country. For additional information, please contact a member of the Planning Group listed here