About this site; a documentation of the Conference

The e-Stockholm '08 Conference concluded on November 19th 2008.

This site is preserved as a historical documentation of the conference and functions as an archive for the materials generated in connection with the conference.

The Conference idea

The overall purpose of the e-Stockholm ´08 event is to capture a legal agenda for IT regulations and policies. A principle point of departure is the political dilemma of balancing apt regulatory measures against requests for non-governance of the rapidly developing information society.

The conference intends to bring into focus the advantages and disadvantages associated with varying approaches to legal steering of IT-related activities. This implies perspectives based on theoretical legislative models as well as practical experiences of self-regulation and contract law.

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Plenary session address

Track themes:


Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute (IRI)

in co-operation with

Trust for Legal Information (Stiftelsen för rättsinformation)

Swedish Society for IT and Law (ADBJ)