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The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation
The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation supports scientific research by awarding project grants to individual researchers and research groups.

So far the Foundation has supported Swedish research primarily in the fields of the humanities and the social sciences to the sum of SEK 4.5 bn. This makes the Foundation the largest financier of research outside the universities and university colleges in the fields of the humanities and the social sciences.

The Foundation was established in 1962 through an endowment from the Bank of Sweden to mark its three-hundredth anniversary in 1968. The first grants from the Bank of Sweden Donation were awarded three years later.

Since then the Swedish Parliament has given to the Foundation a further donation to promote research in the humanities. Grants from this Humanities and Social Sciences Donation were first awarded in 1994. The Foundation also has three smaller donations for research.

In Swedish the Foundation is called Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.



Riksbankens Jubileumsfond/The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation

The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation




InfoData is a leading supplier of information services online and for direct marketing, serving the enterprise market and the public sector in Sweden. InfoData also offers a wide range of other services, including call center services, EDI clearing house, e-commerce competence, systems integration, and legal IT. The development and operation of the services and other activities are supported by legal competence to assure that they comply to current and possible future jurisdiction.

InfoData operates InfoTorg, Sweden's largest online service, providing 150.000 users and 5.000 customers access to about 25 services and databases, ranging from official directories like the Swedish population register SPAR, the Swedish company register, the Swedish real estates register and the Swedish vehicle register to all leading credit information services in Sweden and the large legal online information service Rättsbanken.

With its roots in one of the world's first online services, developed and owned by government authorities in the early seventies, Rättsbanken today is a leading commercial legal online service consisting of about 40 databases with statues, regulations, legal cases, parliamentary information, and more. The databases cover all Swedish fundamental jurisdiction as well as literature and legal news. Among the databases are also versions of CELEX, covering EU law in Swedish and English. All Rättsbanken databases are operated by InfoData, utilizing one of the worlds most advanced search engines.

InfoTorg is a single sign on electronic market place. This business model provides access without further identification to a number of services and databases, regardless of vendors and suppliers, operation and locality but also presents legal challenges for InfoData, for example as regards complying to pre-contractual and post-contractual duties.

Much effort has been spent during the years to develop and enhance General terms and conditions for the services of InfoData. These issues as well as other issues with possible legal implications for InfoData demanding proactive considerations are managed by specially designated in-house and external legal competence, i.e. by involvement in projects. Among these issues are secure information management, long-term storage of data containing information on individuals and businesses and intellectual property rights. InfoData handle a lot of personal data and therefore has appointed a Personal data representative. Personal protection issues are of special importance as InfoData is commissioned by the authority for SPAR (the SPAR Board) to operate, maintain and market the register.






The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise was founded March, 2001 after the Swedish Employers Confederation and the Federation of Swedish Industries successfully merged. 

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise is a pro-business interest organization representing close to 60,000 Swedish companies. It consists of 48 trade and employer association members, with a 1.5 million-labor force covering 70% of the Swedish private sector.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise has its main office in Stockholm, Sweden. Its over 200 employees are located in 22 regional offices in Sweden and in the EU Brussels regional office.

Companies who want to join the Confederation can do so by contacting their nearest branch organization, employers association or a regional office.


The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise




The Law Firm Friends of The Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law
The Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law was established at the Department of Law, Stockholm University, on 21 September 2000 by the decision of the Vice-chancellor, professor Gustaf Lindencrona. The Centre, whose aims include promotion of scientific research and doctoral studies in the field of commercial law in the broad sense, constitutes a part of the Department of Law, being under the supervision of the Law Faculty Board. The Centre has been modelled on the Centre for Commercial Law at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London.

The Centre
’s by-laws stipulate the following aims:

Initiating, leading and co-ordinating research projects, as well as publishing and dissemination of their results, Collecting and processing of research material, Organising scientific lectures, seminars and symposia.

The Centre shall try to establish collaboration with educational institutions and other organisations and public authorities in and outside Sweden, which pursue activities lying in the sphere of interests of the Centre.

Various legal problems need to be examined in a broader perspective than that which is usually employed within the traditional division into the various branches of law. Modern legal research is also in need of impulses from and interaction with practical legal activities, as they are conducted in trade and industry, public administration and the judicial system. The Centre
’s thus aims to bridge the gap between different branches of law as well as between legal research and practical legal activities.

Research is conducted at the Centre partly by research panels and partly by individual research efforts within and outside the Centre. Research results are presented at conferences where scientific papers are read and discussed in order to be published at a later date. Smaller, informal seminars constitute an important part of research as well.


Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law




The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is an independent organisation whose overall objective is to foster the sciences, particularly mathematics and the natural sciences. The Academy seeks chiefly:

·  to be a forum where researchers can meet across subject borders

·  to offer unique research environments

·  to support young researchers

·  to reward prominent contributions to research

·  to arrange international scientific contacts

·  to act as a voice of science and influence research policy priorities

·  to stimulate interest in mathematics and the natural sciences in schools

·  to disseminate scientific and popular-scientific information in various forms

The Academy administers a researcher exchange with academies in other countries and publishes six scientific journals. Every year the Academy awards the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry, the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, the Crafoord Prize and a number of other large prizes.

Academy work is very much based upon the Academy's ten classes (see the menu About the Academy/Members), each representing a scientific subject field, and at its seven research institutes. Committees, such as the Environmental Research Committee and the Polar Research Committee work with issues requiring a broad scientific competence.





The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business organisation with 2,000 member companies, ranging from world giants to small entrepreneurs.

Our main duty is to represent the industrial and commercial community in the County of Stockholm. An important part of our work is to facilitate international trade and establish contacts between companies in the Stockholms region and companies all over the world.


Stockholm's Chamber of Commerce




The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute
The task of the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute ("IRI") is to promote the scientific study of automation of law, computer law, and other areas of law and informatics. The Institute is supervised by the Board of the Faculty of Law, and its statutes are stipulated by the Board of the University. The director of the Institute is Peter Seipel, professor of law and informatics.

Being one of the pioneering research institutes in the field, IRI is well known internationally. Regular participation in international conferences, four dissertations, a large number of books and articles published in English, and the Masters Programme in Law and IT (, launched in 1999, are important factors in this respect. IRI has also organised several international confer-ences and its co-operators regularly participate in international research ac-tivities. IRI staff is engaged in several international organisations and fre-quently invited to participate in conferences, as key note speakers or as panellists.

The Work Group for Computers and Law (Arbetsgruppen för ADB och juridik) was founded in 1968 at the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University. For several years the work group supported and participated in research, e.g. by arranging seminars and by building up a research library. In 1981 the work group was reformed into the Law and Informatics Research Institute of Stockholm University. Some of the external activity was taken over by the Swedish Association for Computers and Law (ADBJ), which was formed at that time.

For more information about ongong research etc. see further


The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute

The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute


Department of Law


The Edvard Cassel Foundation




Roschier Holmberg, Attorneys Ltd. 

Roschier Holmberg, as a leading law firm in Finland, operates in the international marketplace. The firm's clients include leading domestic and global corporations, financial service and insurance institu-tions, investors, growth and other private companies with international operations, governments and municipalities. 

Reflecting the focal areas of its practice, the firm is divided into three practice groups, namely Corporate Advisory and Disputes, Transactions and Finance, and Technology, Media and Communications. 

As a member of RoschierRaidla, an integrated cross-border operation of more than 150 lawyers in four jurisdictions including Raidla & Partners, Tallinn, Estonia, Lejins, Torgans & Vonsovics, Riga, Latvia and Norcous & Partners, Vilnius, Lithuania, the firm also offers direct access to the Baltic rim market and cross-border solutions based on uniform quality and best practices of international standard by premier law firms in each jurisdiction. 

Please visit and for more information.



Roschier Holmberg




Customer benefit through complete design and IT-related services.
WM-data’s overall business concept is to create increased efficiency and tangible benefit for selected customer segments through a wide range of design and it-related services. Our business concept expresses our focus on the value of what we produce. We take total responsibility and deliver solutions that provide practicable and lasting benefit to the customer.
Functioning and value-creating solutions require the effective cooperation of people, applications and technology. WM-data achieves this by offering a complete range of services in the areas of industry, specialist and infrastructure operations.

WM-data – leading supplier of design, information security and IT-related services in the Nordic region.
Our vision is an expression of what we are striving to achieve. It expresses our aim to be a leading player in terms of quality and resources. Being a leader in our field does not merely imply being one of the largest players but also being able to offer a complete range of services of a high quality.
Our vision also expresses our ambition to offer knowledge and service in all areas in which IT is an important component, as well as design and product development services in which it is an important tool or is an important part of the end product.