Nordic School of Proactive Law Conference 2005: Fusing Best Business Practises with Legal Information Management and Technology







Nordic School of Proactive Law



Scandinavian Studies in Law

Conference proceedings in addition with other articles on Proactive Law will be published in the forthcoming edition of Scandinavian Studies in Law, Volume 49, Stockholm, 2005, expected to be published end of 2005.

The series Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) presents articles by Scandinavian jurists and lawyers. Since the beginning of the series in 1957 more than 400 articles have been published. Earlier volume topics include Legal Theory (vol 40), Intellectual Property (vol 42), Company Law (vol 45) and IT Law (vol 47). More information at the website

All conference participants will receive a copy.



Legal Management of Information Systems - incorporating law in e-solutions, Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg (ed), Studentlitteratur, 2005.

The need for legal awareness beyond applicable law is captured in the title of this book. In general terms the wording denotes legal issues of relevance when designing, developing and administrating information systems of different kinds. The book covers such broad application areas as e-government, knowledge management in law firms, and e-business models, and is divided into the following parts each covering a number of chapters:

• basic notions of law and IT
• automating the law
• legal information retrieval
• information management in the legal environment
• information security and the law.

The book can be ordered at, or by e-mail to, telephone: +46 8 662 00 80 or fax: +46 8 662 00 86. More information about the book can be found here.


ADBJ - The Swedish Society for Computers and Law

The Swedish Society for Computers and Law (ADBJ) is an independent non-profit association which was established in 1981. The organisation addresses everybody who is interested in questions on law and IT. It promotes possibilities to exchange experiences in this field and provides its members with updates and news. ADBJ organises seminars and lectures on law and IT and grants, furthermore, scholarships for outstanding research achievements. For more information see

The Swedish Society for Computers and Law has contributed to the publishing of conference material.