Professor Hugo Tiberg

Senior Council and Chairman of the Institute

Hugo.gif (305604 bytes)Professor Hugo Tiberg was Acting Director of the Institute since its start in 1965 until the autumn of 1999. He is now Senior Council and Chairman of the Institute and in charge of the Maritime and Transport Law course . He is Emeritus Professor from Gothenburg University where he taught the courses of Transport Law and Export Law.



Hugo Tiberg can be reached on:
Telephone: +46 8 7541504 (home) / +46 8 157326 or 162214 (office)
Mobile: +46 70 6191661
Fax no: +46 8 7541706 (home) or +46 8 6124109 (office)

Present writing

Swedish Maritime Law

This is a long-term project of which Tiberg completed a first part, "Fartyget", dealing with vessels, in 1991. Tiberg has decided to leave the Directorship of the Institute to find time to continue this extensive work, dealing with both the general transport law aspects and the special maritime aspects of the area.

Other projects

Tiberg continues to work with various articles as well as preparation of new editions of his various books.


Law Books

  • Time for loading and unloading of ships, Oslo & London 1956
  • The Law of Demurrage, 4th ed. Brit. Shipping Laws London 1995
  • Om ansvar för skada på fartyg, with extensive English summary Liability for Damage to Ships, Gothenburg 1962, Mellanmansrätt (Agency) 9th ed. with Rolf Dotevall Stockholm 1997
  • Skuldebrevsrätt, now 7th ed. Skuldebrev, Växel och Check (Promissory Notes, Bills and Cheques) with Dan Lennhammer, Stockholm 1995
  • Kreditsäkerhet i fartyg (Credit Security in Ships) Stockholm 1968, summarized in Scandinavian Studies in Law 1969 as Ship Finanzing Security.
  • Exporträtt (Export Law) vol. 2, Stockholm 1968
  • Båtjuridik (Boating Law) Stockholm 1973 (with supplements 1976 and 1993)
  • Passenger Transportation, in Ferry Transportation Stockholm 1983 (ed. and co-author)
  • Introduction, Summing up and Materials, inPollution of the Baltic Sea, Stockholm 1985 (ed. and co-author)
  • Fordringsrätt (Money Claims), 7th ed. 1996
  • Ship Masters (ed. and principal author), Stockholm 1991
  • Svensk sjörätt, Fartyget (Swedish Maritime Law, the Vessel), Stockholm 1991
  • Konsumenträttigheter vid passagerarbefordran (Consumer rights in passenger transportation), with English summary, Copenhagen 1993 (cooperation with Anders Beijer)
  • Swedish Maritime Code, translation Stockholm 1993 with later supplements
  • P & I Insurance, Stockholm 1995 (ed. and co-author)
  • Swedish Law, A Survey, Stockholm 1994 (ed. and co-author)

Law Articles

Of the author’s extensive production, the following may be mentioned:

  • Konossement och fraktavtal, Festschrift Nial Stockholm 1966
  • Who is the Hague Rule Carrier, in Six Lectures on the Hague Rules, Stockholm 1967
  • Carrier’s Liability for Misstatements in Bills of Lading, in Maritime Fraud, Stockholm 1983
  • Konossement i sjölag och praktik (Bill of lading in Law and Practice), Festschrift Braekhus Oslo 1988
  • Latent Defects in Boats, Festschrift Ramberg, Stockholm 1996
  • The Nordic Maritime Code, Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 1996
  • Legal Qualities of Transport Documents, Tulane Maritime Law Journal 1999

Annual presentations of developments in Swedish law in:

  • Lloyd’s Maritime Law Quarterly
  • Le Droit Maritime Français
  • Annuaria de Derecho Maritimo

Also a large number of boating articles in the yachting magazine På Kryss & Till Rors.



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