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The Institute for Social Private Law

Many rules of labour law, tenancy law, consumer law and the law concerning the family and children, for example, are fundamental to the structure of society and therefore functionally different from, say, the rules of commercial private law. Activities within the Institute for Social Private Law are above all concerned with research on this social dimension of civil law, i.e. the areas of civil law relating to the basic preconditions of social life and affecting people’s standing as “social animals”.

Activities have an interdisciplinary focus, both in the sense of involving other areas of the law besides civil law, and by also taking non-legal disciplines into account. The Institute also attaches the utmost important to interaction with the community at large.

The Institute has one department:

Department of Labour Law

Labour law concerns the legal relationship between employer and employee and between the collective parties in the labour market. The Department of Labour Law mainly researches the development of international labour law – Community law especially – and its interaction with Swedish and Nordic labour law and employment. The Department maintains comprehensive outgoing activities through the Nordic bulletin EU & arbetsrätt, the web portal Forum for Labour Law Research and open seminars on labour law in an EU perspective.


ReMarkLab Final conference
New Foundations of Labour Law in the Globalised Market Economy?

Stockholm, Thursday 19 May - Friday 20 May 2016

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