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Regulating Markets and Labour - Nordic, European and Global Perspectives (ReMarkLab)

Today, globalisation is the major driving force for change of labour law, industrial relations and labour markets. This globalisation consists of two closely interlinked processes. The first is the globalisation of the economy. The other is the internationalisation of law itself. Today, the actual content of labour law at national level is decided through a complex interplay between different actors (legislators, courts, social partners, multinational companies etc.) at different levels (national, regional and global). Further, the internationalisation of both economic law and labour law entails a struggle between the aspirations of both fields of law in re- or deregulated markets and labour respectively.

The aim of ReMarkLab is to provide strategic knowledge concerning this multi-level governance, which is of crucial importance for the understanding of the development and for providing decision-makers at national or international level with a solid base for rational policy choices.

The research program is funded by Forskningsrĺdet för Arbetsliv och Socialvetenskap, FAS.

The research group consists of:

Kerstin Ahlberg

Niklas Bruun

Catharina Calleman

Filip Dorssemont

Thomas Erhag

Petra Herzfeld Olsson

Andrea Iossa

Mpoki Mwakagali

César Rosado Marzán

Mia Rönnmar

Silvana Sciarra

Erik Sinander