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Elizabeth Haub Prize for Environmental Law


The prestigious and renowned Elizabeth Haub Prize for Environmental Law is awarded in Stockholm as from 2008. An agreement to that effect was concluded on 15 February 2008 between Stockholm University represented by Professor Kåre Bremer, Vice-Chancellor of the University and Professor Suzanne Wennberg, Dean of the Faculty of Law, on the one side, and International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL) represented by its Executive Governor, Dr. Wolfgang Burhenne, on the other.


The Elizabeth Haub Prize for environmental law was established in 1973 in honour of Mrs. Elizabeth Haub, a devoted supporter of environmental protection. Since then, an international jury consisting of six prominent environmental lawyers has annually awarded the Prize to some of the world’s most leading environmental law specialists for their exceptional accomplishments in the field of international environmental law.


Between 1973 and 2007 the Prize was administered jointly by Université Libre de Bruxelles and ICEL. According to the new agreement, it has been administered as from 2008 jointly by Stockholm University and ICEL.

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