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Stockholm Conference on Environmental
Law and Justice

6-9 September 2006

Workshops and Research Papers


In addition to the plenary panels, parallel workshops will be held during one afternoon session of the Conference.  


In these workshops, participants will present research papers on topics related to environmental law and justice.

The workshop schedule has now been finalised. Five workshops will be held in two parallel sessions on Thursday afternoon, 7 September. Workshops 1-3 take place between 13.30-15.15, and workshops 4-5 between 15.45-17.30.

Workshop 1: Environmental Justice, Individual Rights and Decision-making Moderator: Jutta Brunnee

Justice as Fairness in Decision Making and the Environment, by Femke de Lange

Devolved Scotland and Environmental Justice, by Anne-Michelle Slater and Ole W. Pedersen

The European Convention on Human Rights, and Environmental Rights, by Lasse Baaner

Access to Justice: Empirical Evidence and Efficiency Demands, by Jukka Similä

Workshop 2: Justice in International Environmental Law – I

Moderator: Said Mahmoudi

Equitable as Equal: The Kyoto Protocol Project Based Flexibility Mechanisms in an Unequal World, by Eriika Melkas

A Just Distribution of Risks and Benefits?: on the Right and Ability to Control Transboundary Flows of Hazardous Products, by David Langlet

Strengthening Procedural Rights to Environmental Justice through Deliberative Democracy: Promoting the Use of Dialogue by the World Bank Inspection Panel, by Kadri Sirg

Workshop 3: Justice in the Exploitation of Natural Resources

Moderator: Helle T. Anker

Mining Put in Perspective, by Anjali Verghese, Gaurav Adusumalli, Tushar Mehrishi

Biodiversity Protection and Constitutional Protection of Property in Forestry Regulation, by Louise Fromond

Conservation and Development: the Case of CITES and Environmental Justice in China, by Qiaoling Chen

Principle of Equitable Utilization of Waters, by Antti Belinskij

Workshop 4: Justice, Trade and Corporate Activities

Moderator: Hans Christian Bugge

Environmental Justice, Industrial Accidents and Transnational Corporations: Disappointing Teachings from the Accident of Aznalcóllar (Spain), by Angel-Manuel Moreno

Liability for Environmental Damage According to Directive 2004/35/EC, by Ewa Katarzyna Czech

European Emission Trading Systems as an Instrument for the Economizing of Environmental Law, by Szilvia Horváth

Principles for Distributing Pollution Space and Burdens of Reducing Emissions while Implementing Environmental Quality Standards, by Lena Gipperth

Workshop 5: Justice in International Environmental Law – II

Moderator: Phoebe Okowa

The Necessity of Injustice to the Existence of International Law, by Katja Keinänen

Environmental and Social Justice for Global Commons: A Post-modern Discourse of International Law, by Katak Malla

Common but Differentiated Responsibilities: Bringing Justice into International Environmental Agreements?, by Tuula Kolari

Environmental Justice and the Space Sector: an Ill-assorted Couple?, by Lotta Viikari

Organisation of Workshops and Presentations of Papers

The presentations of papers will last twenty minutes each and every two speakers will have about another twenty minutes for discussion. However, the number of sessions and speakers will finally depend on the number of participants as well as the availability of time and rooms.

Submission of Papers

It is no longer possible to submit papers for the workshops.

Publication of Abstracts and Access to Full Papers

Abstracts of workshop papers will be included in the Conference documentation, provided they have been submitted to the Conference Organiser before 15 August 2006. The abstract should be in English, and should not exceed 500 words.

Hard copies of full papers (maximum 20 pages) submitted to the Conference Organiser by 1 September will be made available at the Conference by the Secretariat. Authors of accepted papers may also decide to bring their own hard copies for distribution.

Please note, for a paper to be accepted, the author must be registered for the Conference.

For submission of papers as well as further information about the workshops, please contact Jonas Ebbesson 



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