Stockholm Conference on Environmental
Law and Justice,  6-9 September 2006

Jonas Ebbesson (Stockholm):
Piercing the State Veil in Pursuit of Environmental Justice? 

It is an established principle of international law that each state has the right to explore its resources pursuant to its own environmental and developmental policies (cf. 1972 Stockholm and 1992 Rio Declarations). This has been generally understood as precluding other states from interfering in a state with their laws and institutions to control harmful activities. While this order affirms states’ independence and self-determination, it can also be abused by multinational corporations to avoid responsibility for harm to health and the environment; not least when they operate in countries with weak laws and institutions on environmental and health issues.

This presentation questions the current order in the light of possible abuses of state borders and jurisdictions by corporations in order to escape responsibility for harm to health and the environment. It also explores the possibility, in such cases, to trigger proceedings outside the country of activity in the pursuit of environmental justice.




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