Stockholm Conference on Environmental
Law and Justice

6-9 September 2006

Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre, at Stockholm University, arranges an international Conference on Environmental Law and Justice.


Please Note! This website of the 2006 Stockholm Conference on Environmental Law and Justice provides the information that was available at the date of the Conference. Thus, the Conference programme, abstracts of speakers etc. can still be found, but the site has not been updated after the Conference.

Programme and Speakers

Listen to speakers: Some 25 invited prominent speakers scholars, judges, ambassadors etc. from around the world provide important, inspiring and innovative examinations of (the notion of) justice in different legal contexts related to health, the environment, and the use of natural resources. Their papers range from local to global settings, and include structural and cross-cutting aspects such as gender, trade, climate change, globalisation and North-South dimensions. (See General Programme.)

Present Research Papers: In addition, workshops are arranged where all participants are invited to present research papers relating to environmental law and justice. (See Workshops.)

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When and Where?

Time: 6-9 September 2006
Venue: Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

Justice in Environmental Law

Considerations of justice are crucial in environmental law at the national as well as international level, and in local as well as global settings.

Justice in environmental contexts pertains to the distribution of benefits and burdens, possibilities and disadvantages, but also comprises procedures and opportunities for such distribution. While these concerns matter for the legitimacy and effectiveness of environmental laws, deliberations of justice are not limited to identifying "justice factors" (e.g. procedures, standards, institutions and structures). They also include critical questioning and analyses of what is perceived as just, and why and by whom.

Organising Committee

The Conference programme is planned by the Organising Committee of:

Jonas Ebbesson, Stockholm University,

Jutta Brunnée, University of Toronto,

Richard Falk, University of California, Santa Barbara,

Ludwig Krämer, Bremen University, and

Phoebe Okowa, Queen Mary, University of London.