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The SLIM project Mission Statement

The major concern of the SLIM Project is to show how advantage may be derived from regulatory management in the field of law for the purpose of improving general document management applications where it is important to handle version-dependent text entities over time. This applies particularly to an organisation´s management of documents expressing policies and authorisations of different kinds. A second point to be made is that a combination of XML and digital security-enhancing techniques appears to be a worthwhile course to follow in terms of a basic system development approach of importance, for instance, in relation to various e-business activities. More precisely, we are not talking merely about how to authenticate sender, receiver and content of a message, but about an infrastructure aimed at integrated version awareness throughout whole networks of texts units rather than the life circle of a particular static document.

Action Plan
  • Critical analysis of ICT-related security initiatives e.g. XML Signatures.
  • Exploring the use of language technology to enhance trust chains in legal information retrieval.
  • Conceptualisation of legal requirements with the prospects of security branding.
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