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Access till myndighetsinformation
Daniel Westman
Criminal investigation of on-line resources and remote information systems in European Union member states
Franciskus van Geelkerken
International Cyber Security Preparedness, Response, and Accountability: A ‘Critical Infrastructure Protection’ Approach to Assessing the Need for International Cyber Laws
Maeve Dion
Legal challenges associated with auditing and verification of information
Mårten Edenroth
Legal Information as a Tool
Christine Kirchberger
How to Regulate Information and Communications Technology: A Jurisprudential Inquiry into Legislative and Regulatory Techniques
Ubena John
Privacy Implications of Data Mining in the European Union and the United States
Liane Colonna
Restoring the Balance – Attaining Privacy in the Face of Increasingly Complex and Effective Tools of Information Analysis
Stanley Greenstein
Värdering av informationstekniskt bevismaterial
Jonas Ekfeldt
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