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Corpus Legis
The Corpus Legis project was commenced in response to established needs for improved legal information retrieval methods and enhanced support for legal investigations of different subject matters. Other significant factors included the rapid growth of legal information, its internationalisation and the general need for European harmonisation as a result of European Community Law. Questions of legal document management have been investigated in this project by means of the international document representation standard SGML – Standard Generalized Markup Language. The main part of the analysed text corpus focused on documents reflecting the system for lawmaking, e.g. government bills and laws. More information.
DAPRO - Data Protection in Europe
Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg was Swedish partner 1996-2000 in the DAPRO Project, part of the Telematics Applications Programme, financed by the Directorate General XIII (European Commission).
Evaluation Project
Legal IT products and services are continually reviewed (such as databases, CD ROM, web services).
Research was carried out into copyright of educational material using different Internet resources and legal information services.
Legal Automation
Project leader: Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg.
Multimedia as a Legal Teaching Aid
A research project studied IT-based teaching aids. The work was a collaboration between IRI and "processrätt" (procedural law).
The main goal of the PRIMA project was to provide concrete means to successfully guide and manage privacy in the context of future information and communication technologies. Based on an interdisciplinary Nordic and North-American network of experts within the disciplines of computer science, social science, and law, this was achieved by collaboration with related projects in which the partners of the project consortium were active. More information.
Secure Legal Information Management (SLIM) researched legal information management with a particular focus on security, trust and standards. More information about SLIM.
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