Stanley Greenstein

Junior Lecturer/Doctoral Candidate
in Law and Informatics
C 838
+46 8 16 25 98
+46 8 612 90 72
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Stanley attained his Law Degree (BA, LLB) from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and moved to Sweden in 2001. In 2004 he acquired his Masters Degree in Law and IT from Stockholm University. Stanley has been employed as a Junior Lecturer at the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI) since 2006. From September 2011 Stanley was also admitted as a Doctoral candidate in the area of Law and Informatics. Since 2010 Stanley has been sitting on the Board of The Swedish Society for Law and IT. Stanley is the course director for an optional course called ”Law and Information Communication Technology (ICT)” offered to undergraduate law students by the Department of Law at Stockholm University.

Doctoral Project Description: Restoring the Balance – Attaining Privacy in the Face of Increasingly Complex and Effective Tools of Information Analysis

Presently, the Internet is being used for every-day communication purposes. Large amounts of information are being uploaded on to the Internet, mainly by private individuals. These individuals are using a multitude of digital technologies, such as chat forums, Twitter or Facebook, collectively referred to as the “blogosphere”. These have become the established channels of modern communication. The information departed with in the course of this communication, may seem innocuous in its individual context but can be of an extremely sensitive nature if aggregated and analysed using modern data mining techniques and tools for information analysis. Recent developments on the technology front, such as the development of technologies based on computational linguistics, have made the analysis of the blogosphere much more effective. This has impacted on the privacy of individuals who are unaware of how the technology works as well as the privacy consequences. This Doctoral project will examine the modern forms of digital information analysis on the blogosphere. It will assess whether the current legal framework is adequate in order to address the resulting challenges or whether an improved legal framework will be necessary in order to ensure privacy in the future.


Stanley Greenstein (red.), Vem reglerar informationssamhället?, Nordisk årsbok i rättsinformatik 2006 – 2008, Jure AB, Stockholm 2010.
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