Conference and session chairs

Helena Andersson

Session chair for Legal Aspects of Information Security

Doctoral Candidate at The Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute

Her research focuses on the interface between law and information security. Within the framework of her, soon to be finished, doctoral thesis she has developed a model, RISA, which aids in identifying, analysing and developing law in the information security field. She has been teaching IT law since 1999, now primarily in the Master Programme of Law and IT. Helena is active in several national information security organisations and as from the 1:st of April 2008 employed by the National Emergency Management Agency, SEMA (Krisberedskapsmyndigheten).

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Christine Kirchberger

Session chair for Legal Information Retrieval in the Digital Age

Christine Kirchberger, LL.M. is a Doctoral Candidate at The Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute, Department of Law, Stockholm University.

Her doctoral project deals with legal information as a tool and in particular the effect of technical developments on legal information retrieval, legal theory and the doctrine of legal sources. She has been working as a junior lecturer at the department since 2001 primarily teaching and administering the Master Programme in Law and IT, and started with her doctoral research in 2006. Her other interests include electronic commerce, data protection and e-government.

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Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg

Conference chair

Professor, LL.D., Director of the Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute (IRI) at the Stockholm University Faculty of Law, and Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Research Fellow.

She has had more than 25 years experience of developing and managing systems for legal information retrieval and decision support. Her interests also include the substantive component of IT law, in particular with regard to e-government. Major current research investigates the possibilities of cross fertilization of methods for security enhancement and applications of information standards in the legal domain. Cecilia is responsible for a variety of university programmes and is frequently engaged as lecturer for practicing lawyers as well as for IT professionals

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Tobias Mahler

Session chair for Proactive Law and IT: Contract management and IT outsourcing

Tobias Mahler LL.M. is Research Fellow at the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL) at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.

His research focuses on the development of methods for legal risk management. Prior to his current PhD research he coordinated the NRCCL’s participation in EU-funded projects. His research interests include contract law, data protection law, intellectual property law, legal theory and decision theory. He also holds a part-time position as an in-house lawyer in the automotive industry, where he applies risk management methods for the analysis of automotive supply chain contracts.

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Katarina Renman-Claesson

Session chair for Access to Information and Copyright

Katarina Renman-Claesson is currently finalising her doctoral thesis on the protection of compilation (focusing on database protection as a related right). She has followed the development of copyright closely during all its digital phases. Katarina has developed and directed masters courses in copyright and has a long experience in teaching primarily Intellectual Property law at every level, for researchers, students and practitioners, lawyers and non-lawyers. Today she is involved in three Masters programs, directing one of them. She is also involved in three external projects studying copyright from different perspectives.

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Peter Seipel

Session chair for Privacy in the making

Peter Seipel, LL.D, is professor emeritus of legal informatics at Stockholm university. 1968-2006 he was the director of the Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute (IRI). Its activities have in many ways been guided by ideas presented in his doctoral thesis "Computing Law" (1977). In almost every area of law & IT, Seipel has been engaged as an expert by various organs, national and international. OECD:s work on privacy guidelines is one example. During 1994-2003 he was a member of the Swedish Government’s ICT Commission and chaired its Legal Observatory (SOU 2002:112, Law and Information Technology. Swedish Views). Recently, he has assisted a government committee investigating certain sensitive e-mail activities in the Prime Minister's office (SOU 2007:44, Tsunamibanden).

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Peter Wahlgren

Session chair for Proactive Law and IT: Legal risk analyses in IT Projects

Peter Wahlgren, LLD. Professor of Law and IT and acting Professor of Jurisprudence, Faculty of Law, Stockholm University, Editor Scandinavian Studies in Law.

Peter has more than 25 years experience of procuring, developing, evaluating and managing IT systems in the legal sector. His dissertation was a study on Law and Artificial Intelligence. Current research interests include Legal Risk Analysis and techniques for the development of legislation. Peter is among other things responsible for university programmes in Law and IT as well as general jurisprudence. He is frequently engaged as lecturer for practicing lawyers as well as for IT professionals.

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Daniel Westman

Session chair for Access to Information and Copyright

Daniel Westman has lengthy experience in research in ICT law. He is currently finalising his doctoral thesis on access to government information. The thesis develops the theoretical concept of information law and uses it to analyze the legal issues related to access to government information in a digital environment. He has also conducted research related to technical protection measures, ISP liability, digital copyright, data protection and open source software. Daniel is the director of the advanced course in ICT law given at the University of Stockholm. He also regularly teaches practitioners.

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Speakers and participants

Olle Abrahamsson

Director General, Ministry of Justice, Sweden

Abrahamsson is an educated judge who for many years has been a non-political official in the Swedish Ministry of Justice. In his capacity as Director General for Legal Affairs he has been responsible for i.a. the constitutional and EU-related lawmaking process. Recently, he chaired the National Privacy Committee, which finished its work in March 2008.

Mads Bryde Andersen

professor, dr.jur., Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.

Since the mid 1980s, professor Mads Bryde Andersen has worked intensiveliy with the various problems in IT law. Among his major works is his dissertation on computer liability from 1988 and his textbook on IT law, the second edition of which was published in 2005. Han has also published substantial works within contract law, the law of obligations and the law of advocacy. He is the chairman of The Danish Copyright Society, The Danish Arbitration Institute, The Danish Internet Forum, DK Hostmaster A/S og the Danish section of The Nordic Legal Meetings. He is also a member of the Danish collecting society Gramex and holds a number of other positions of trust in Denmark as well as and in international bodies. In 2005 he was doctor juris honoris causa at the University of Oslo.

Laila Aslesen

Laila Aslesen, Head of Legal Service, Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority

Law degree (Juridisk embetseksamen) from University of Oslo, 1987.
Department of Immigration, from 1987 to 1990.
Deputy Judge, Lofoten District Court (Lofoten Sorenskriverembete), from 1990 to 1993.
For the Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority (Statens kartverk) from 1993: Legal Advisor from 1993 to 2002, Head of Legal Service from 2002.

Primary responsibilities as advisor in the NMCA have been intellectual property issues, public information law, personal data protection, contracts and EU law. Chairman of the North Sea Hydrographic Commission (NSHC) Working Group on Copyright and Pricing from 1994 to 1998. Chairman of EuroGeographics Expert Group on Legal and Economic Issues from 1995 to 2006. Member of EC Drafting Team on Implementation Rules for Data and Service Sharing under the INSPIRE directive, from 2005.

Henrik Bengtsson

Henrik Bengtsson is a partner with Delphi law firm in Stockholm specialising in IT law, privacy law and intellectual property law. He mainly advises right holder organisations, IP-intensive, Internet and new media companies. He has acted on behalf trade secrets proprietors in a number of cases regarding trade secrets misappropriation and was been appointed as an expert on a government committee reviewing the Swedish Trade Secrets Act. Henrik also advises on non-contentious matters such as IT licensing, traditional IT agreements and IP and IT issues.

Education and Professional Experience
Henrik Bengtsson was awarded his LL.M. at the Lund University (LL.M. 1998). He has worked with Advokatfirman Delphi since 1998, had a leave between 2000-2001 when he took up an inhouse posi-tion as IP counsel with Framfab, one of Sweden’s leading Internet Consultancy firms. Henrik is a member of the board of the Swedish Anti Counterfeiting Group and the Association for Protection of Industrial Rights. He is a frequent lecturer in IT and IP law at universities has published extensively within the IT and IP areas.

Magnus Bergström

IT security expert, The Swedish Data Inspection Board

Magnus Bergström is an IT Security Specialist at the Swedish Data Inspection Board, primarily working with protection of sensitive data. He has a background in Computer and Systems Sciences and formerly worked as Information Security consultant, focusing on authentication and crypto solutions.

Roger Bickerstaff


Roger Bickerstaff is joint head of Bird & Bird's International IT Sector Group.

He specialises in all aspects of information technology law, particularly advising clients in connection with large-scale infrastructure contracts, including contract negotiation and procurement procedures, contract management issues and dispute resolution.

Roger has over 15 years experience of advising on large-scale IT projects. This wealth of experience means that he understands the issues that arise in major projects and can provide the solutions to resolve these issues. He now fulfils the role of trusted advisor on a range of significant projects, providing advice that goes well beyond legal and contractual matters, and into the technical and commercial heart of the success of the implementation of projects.

Roger is recognised as being a leading exponent of IT law and is regularly cited within the legal directories. Roger has a particular expertise in EC procurement law issues. He is a Trustee of the Society for Computers of Law.

Jon Bing

Jon Bing has been a professor in Information Technology Law at the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL), University of Oslo since 1988. He is a candidate of law (1969), dr. juris (1982), Honorary Doctorate at University of Stockholm (1997) and University of Copenhagen (1998) and Visiting Professor at Kings College, University of London. He has been a consultant to numerous national and international organisations and is a member of The European Commision DG XIII's Legal Advisory Board (LAB). He has also been working with many national and nternational arts and cultural organisations and was the chairman of Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs for 8 years . His field of expertise includes intellectual property, media law, data protection and telecommunications law. He has also assisted in the development of legal information systems in Norway and other countries including Bulgaria, Portugal, Tanzania and the former Yugoslavia. Jon Bing is also an active fiction writer.

Fredrik Björck

Fredrik Björck är rådgivare åt företag och myndigheter inom strategisk informationssäkerhet genom bolaget Visente, som tagit Sveriges första myndighet genom hela processen till ISO27001-certifiering. Fredrik har doktorerat på styrning av informationssäkerhet i verksamheter.

Peter Blume

Professor of Legal Informatics, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Peter Blume , Ph.D., LL.D. has been working with data protection and privacy issues for many years. He has published several books on the issue, including a commentary on the Danish data protection act, a general book on data protection (edition in English: 2002), and books on special issues such as workplace data, consumer data, international transfer of personal data, and CCTV surveillance. Blume is a member of the board of the Danish Data Protection Agency and was a member of the committee that prepared the Danish DP act implementing Directive 95/46.

Søren Broberg Nielsen

Søren Broberg Nielsen, Head of Division
Legal Information
Civil Affaires Agency
The Danish Ministry of Justice

LL.M. and as Head of Division in Legal Information responsible for operations and development of and the Danish Legal Gazette Online; the official and authoritative media for promulgation in Denmark. Responsible for the official Danish legal information system. Project manager of the Lex Dania xml project a cooperation between Folketinget (the Danish parliament) and the Ministry of Justice with the aim to standardise structure and metadata in legislation and parliamentary documents in XML. Chairman in the European Forum of Official Gazettes working group ‘XML: Common use of XML for the production and distribution of official gazettes’. Secretary for the Committee on the Electronic Legal Gazette that prepared the bill for amending the Danish Legal Gazette Act.

Herbert Burkert

Herbert Burkert is Professor of Public Law, Information and Communication Law and President of the Research Centre for Information Law at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland and a Senior Researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems in Germany (currently on leave of absence). He is an International Fellow of the Yale Law School Information Society Project and at the Information Law and Policy Institute of the New York Law School. He studied law, history and political science in Cologne and Dublin, received his doctorate from the University of Frankfurt and his habilitation from the University of St. Gallen. He has served as advisor to the OECD, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, and both to the German and the Swiss Federal Government, as well as to regional governments and private foundations. He is also the executive director of a private contemporary art foundation in Germany.

Lee A. Bygrave

Associate professor, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo

Dr. Lee A. Bygrave is also (in addition to the above) Research Associate (formerly Co-Director) of the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Bygrave has published extensively within the field of privacy/data protection law. He is the author of an international standard work in the field, Data Protection Law: Approaching Its Rationale, Logic and Limits (The Hague: Kluwer Law International, 2002).

Bygrave has advised on privacy and information security issues for a broad range of organizations, including the European Commission, Nordic Council of Ministers, Norwegian Government, U.S. National Academies, U.K. House of Lords and Telenor.

He is currently member of a Privacy Commission established by the Norwegian Government to assess the state of privacy protection in Norway and to propose measures for bolstering such protection.

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Markus Bylund

PhD, Senior researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. Member and main coordinator of the PRIMA (Privacy in the Making) research group.

Bylund holds a PhD (2005) in Computer and Systems Sciences from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. He received both his MSc (1999) and PhLic (2001) from Uppsala University, Sweden, in part based on studies (1996-1997) at the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU), USA.

Bylund’s research interests concern aspects of information and communication technology (ICT) in general as well as aspects regarding the end-user situation in particular. This includes infrastructure support for pervasive service use, value-based conflicts associated with ICT service use (such as privacy considerations), and issues regarding the context of use. These interests are reflected in Bylund's PhD dissertation titled “A Design Rationale for Pervasive Computing—User Experience, Contextual Change, and Technical Requirements” (KTH, 2005).

Hercules Dalianis

Hercules Dalianis Dalianis is an associate professor (docent) and tenured lecturer (universitetslektor) at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) at KTH/Stockholm University. Dalianis held a three-year guest professorship at CST, University of Copenhagen during 2002-2005, founded by the Norfa, the Nordic council. Dalianis received his Ph.D in 1996. Dalianis was a post doc researcher at University of Southern California/ISI in Los Angeles 1997-98.

Dalianis works in the interface between industry and university and with the aim to make research results useful for society. Dalianis has specialized in the area of human language technology, to make computer to understand and process human language text, but also to make a computer to produce text automatically. Dalianis is also one of the founders of the search engine company Euroling AB with 13 employees, that develops and delivers the commercial web site and intranet search engine SiteSeeker to over 190 customers in Sweden.

Peter Danowsky

Peter Danowsky was one of the founders of Danowsky & Partners. His practice areas are mainly litigation, intellectual property, communications and media, entertainment law and professional liability. Peter Danowsky has represented publishers, film producers, IT-consultants, banks, organisations, governmental bodies both as counsel and litigator. He has served as arbitrator and as a member of various boards. He has been a member of the governmental IT commission’s legal observatory since its beginning. He is the co-author of several books, mainly in the field of copyright, and he has published numerous articles in the legal field.

Richard De Mulder

Richard Victor De Mulder (1946) studied law at the University of Amsterdam. In 1971 he became an assistant professor in criminal law and criminology at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He then went on to study computer science at this university and subsequently obtained a Ph.D. in computers and law. In 1981 he founded and became director of the Centre for Computers and Law at the Erasmus University and was later appointed to the chair for computers and law.

Prof. De Mulder obtained an M.B.A. cum laude in the "executive development program" of the William E. Simon School for Business Administration of the University of Rochester and the Faculty of Economics of the Erasmus University in 1988.

Richard De Mulder is the author of a number of books, computer advice systems and other publications in the field of computers and law. He is the director of, which produces document analysis systems for legal and educational purposes. He is a member of the Legal Tools Expert Advisory Group of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

David Eriksson

David Eriksson joined Mannheimer Swartling during 2006 to be responsible for the management and development of the firm’s internal and external knowledge systems.

David has a masters of law degree as well as a masters of computer science degree from the Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology. He also studied information technology in Melbourne, Australia where he also worked for a while. David started his career working as a product and project manager for Sweden’s largest business and legal online information company for nearly four years. During that period David managed many large development projects, mainly as a requirements analyst. These projects included for example implementing enterprise search systems, creation of legal and business XML structurs and other advanced taxonomies. Prior to joining Mannheimer Swartling David also worked at the Stockholm office of White & Case law firm as a Knowledge Manager and an associate.

David speaks at conferences in Sweden and abroad and is frequently lecturing at the University of Stockholm, both on the faculty of law and the faculty of computer and systems science.

David is currently managing Mannheimer Swartling’s Sharepoint 2007 implementation project. The portal will be supporting both the lawyers in their client and matters work as well as the support organisation. David is also about to start a firm wide enterprise search project and various other KM-system relevant initiatives.

Helge Follestad

Helge Follestad is a lawyer, educated at The University of Bergen. He has worked as a general business lawyer and during the last 15 years as a consultant within Supplier Relation Management.

He has worked within different fields like process industry, infrastructure and telecom, and also with IT-related matters in all stages from ERP systems to outsourcing of IT and IT services to implementing and running CRM systems.

Nikolaus Forgó

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó is professor of law at the Leibniz University Hannover in Germany. He is co-head of the Institute of legal informatics ( and - inter alia - responsible for the LLM-programs in IT-law in Hannover ( He does research in all fields of IT-law, mainly data protection, IT-security and intellectual property.

Per Furberg

Per Furberg, partner at Setterwalls, works with IT law issues specialising, among other things, in issues regarding e-IDs, electronic signatures, electronic document management, electronic payments and governmental Web services for what is commonly referred to as e‑government, and corporate Web services for e-commerce. His practice has a particular emphasis on legal issues and technical issues concerning IT infrastructure and the manner in which they may be co-ordinated to ensure the application of applicable law without extensive special regulation. Per has been retained as an expert on governmental committees and has prepared proposals to amend legislation in the area of IT law.

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Henrik Grinbaum

Henrik Grinbaum, Head of Legal Affairs Sveriges Television AB

He was member of the Swedish Bar Association 1989-1993 and has since 1993 been working at Sveriges Televison AB. Henrik Grinbaum is a member of the Advisory Council of the Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images (SLBA), member of the board of the Swedish Association for Copyright and member of the award committee of the Signum Trademark Prize.

Göran Gräslund

Director General, the Swedish Data Inspection Board

Göran Gräslund is 60 years old and Bachelor of Laws. He took office as Director General of the Swedish Data Inspection Board on 1 April 2004. Before that he was employed as Personnel Director at the National Tax Board of Sweden. Göran Gräslund has also, among other things, held a position as Personnel Manager at the Stockholm County Council and as Chief Negotiator at the Swedish Federation of County Councils.

Trygve Harvold

Trygve Harvold has a MBA and is cand.jur. from the University of Oslo. He has been the director of the Lovdata Foundation since its establishment in 1981.

Eva Hemmungs Wirtén

Professor, Institutionen för Arkivvetenskap, Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap och Musei- och kulturarvsvetenskap (ABM), Uppsala Universitet

Eva Hemmungs Wirtén är Professor i Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap och även Docent i litteraturvetenskap vid Uppsala Universitet. Hennes primära forskningsområde är upphovsrättens historiska och samtida roll, samt frågan om den kulturella allmänningen och betydelsen av öppna informations- och kunskapssystem.

Hon är författare till böckerna No Trespassing: Authorship, Intellectual Property Rights, and the Boundaries of Globalization (2004) och Terms of Use: Negotiating the Jungle of the Intellectual Commons (2008), båda University of Toronto Press.

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Mikael Johnson

MSc, Doctoral student. Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. Member of the PRIMA research group (see above Bylund)

Mikael Johnson's research theme is user involvement and user-centred design methods for large digital communities. In his PhD-work (in-progress) he focuses on Habbo Hotel, which can be thought of as a hybrid between a social networking web site and a virtual world. In addition to his interest in the life-cycle of design visions, one emerging theme in the Habbo Hotel case study is the ways in which this service influence users’ possibilities to regulate privacy. It is deemed important to study the users’ degrees of freedom for controlling solitude, confidentiality, and autonomy. Johnson’s detailed case study provides a ground for comparison and development of other similar online services, especially regarding user profile pages, website navigation, and peer communication mechanisms.

Andrew Jones

From 1986 to 2001 Andrew J I Jones was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oslo, Norway, where he was also an associate member of the Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law. In 1999 he was elected Fellow of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (medlem i Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi). In 2001 he moved to a professorship in the Department of Computer Science, King’s College London, where he has been Head of Department since 2005. At King’s he is also director of an interdisciplinary MSc programme in Computing, IT Law and Management.

The focus of Jones’s research has been on deontic logic and legal knowledge representation, the formal-logical modelling of agent communication, and the application of modal logic to the analysis of aspects organisational structure.

Jussi Karlgren

Jussi Karlgren, a computational linguist by training, has worked with aspects of usage of information sources in digital information access experiments for the last ten years. His interest is in gaining a closer understanding of the communication process between author and reader through the mediation of information or other forms of discourse -- with the understanding that it is near impossible to improve the overly generalized but consistently mediocre information access systems of today unless the design of systems is based on 1) an informed analysis of usage, context, situation and domain as well as 2) a deeper analysis of the content of the information flow. His research activities have encompassed the study of reading and text assessment, especially in the cross-lingual case, and the study of textual information flow, especially non-topical analysis of textual information.

He has since 1990 been employed at SICS, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, in various instantiations of the Language and Interaction laboratory and is since 2006 an Adjoint Professor of Language Technology at the University of Helsinki.

Anna Kiefer

Anna Kiefer, LL. M., Director and legal adviser at Kairos Future, a research and consulting firm in the field of futures analysis and strategy development. Anna is responsible for enhancing Kairos Future’s international activities. She manages and develops Kairos Future's international network of Research Associates and foreign offices and works with international surveys and trend analyses. Since 1996, she has worked with strategic business development issues and the promotion of trade and exchange in a global context. Her Master's degree in law from the University of Stockholm was complemented by European Community law studies in Brussels. Anna has previously lived and worked in Asia and in France.

Photo: Renato Tan

Lars Klasén

Lars Klasén, M.E., Information Specialist at InfoTorg AB, a part of Bisnode, Europe’s leading publisher of digital business information.

Lars Klasén began his career within online and IR in 1976 at IDC-RITL (Information and Documentation Centre at the Royal Institute of Technology Library). In 1982 he was involved in the launch of Interfact/SVP, one of the first information brokers in Sweden. In 1983 he joined the major computer center DAFA, the origin of InfoTorg AB, initially working with the development of the legal online service Rättsbanken in his capacity as responsible for database structuring and IR. In 1987 he initiated and coordinated the development of InfoTorg, which was launched in November 1988 and today is Swedens largest online service. Lars has since the launch of InfoTorg been engaged in its further development as business developer, coordinator and project leader. He has also published a number of reports, articles and newsletters on the Swedish online market.

Henning Klemp

VP Northern Region, FAST – A Microsoft Subsidiary.

Henning Klemp has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Systems in Business from Ohio University and has been working in the software industry for more than 23 years. During the last 5 years he has been focusing on enterprise search solutions and he currently heads up the Nordic sales organization of enterprise search vendor FAST, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation.

Peter Krantz

Peter Krantz, Strategic Development Officer at Verva, the Swedish Administrative Development Agency.

Peter Krantz is the project manager for the Swedish national legal information system - a linked data approach to legal information. Currently, his main interest is in how semantic web technology can increase usability of legal information. Prior to joining Verva, Peter was working in the IT consulting industry for 10 years.

Stefan Kronqvist

Stefan Kronqvist är chef för Rikskriminalpolisens IT-brottssektion och har lång erfarenhet av IT-relaterade brottsutredningar och frågor som rör digitala bevis, både på nationell och på internationell nivå. Han har bl.a. medverkat som expert i den under 2007 presenterade IT-förfalskningsutredningen. Stefan Kronqvist är författare till handledningen ”Brott och digitala bevis” (Norstedts Juridik 2003, 2007).

Conny Larsson

Conny är jur. kand. och juris magister i IT-rätt. Han har sedan 1989 varit verksjurist vid Televerket Radio, bolagsjurist hos olika bolag inom Telia-koncernen, samt bolagsjurist hos Flextronics Network Services. Conny är sedan hösten 2004 bolagsjurist hos TeliaSonera Sverige AB. Han bedriver sedan 1997 även viss egen verksamhet i Juristfirman Conny Larsson. Conny arbetar med allmänna affärsrättsliga frågor, men är särskilt inriktad på IT-avtalsfrågor och juridiska frågor i samband med behandling av uppgifter (t.ex. personuppgifter), incidentutredningar, säkerhet, totalförsvarsfrågor, tvångsmedel och uppgiftsskyldighet, samt tystnadsplikt och sekretess.

Asko Lehmuskallio

Doctoral student, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. Member of the PRIMA research group (see above Bylund)

Asko Lehmuskallio studied cultural anthropology, science of religions and peace- and conflict studies at the Philipps-University of Marburg and photography at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He had a 3-year scholarship at the DFG-postgraduate program "Image-Body-Medium. An anthropological approach" at the New Media School Karlsruhe, spent one year as researcher in residence at the Finnish Museum of Photography and currently works as researcher at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. His research interests focus on why and how do people picture public urban spaces, and how do new information and communication technologies change the actual possibilities and practices related to picturing one's environment. The changing area between the private and the public spheres, facilitated by ICT, attracts his special interest.

Nicklas Lundblad

European Policy Manager, PhD.

Nicklas Lundblad works with public policy at Google. He holds a PhD in applied information technology and a Swedish LLM. He also is a member of the Swedish government's ICT-council as well as the author of several articles and books on ICTs and law. He serves on the board of IRI.

Raquel Mochales Palau

Doctoral student. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Member of the HMDB-LIIR research group.

Raquel received the Master's degree in computer engineering from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, and the European Masters in Language and Speech, in 2006. She is currently a researcher in the Department of Computer Science at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Her research interests include natural language processing, information extraction and argumentation analysis. In her PhD-work (in-progress) she focuses on automatic detection of argumentation in legal cases, and how it can influence legal information retrieval technology and reasoning understanding.

Ruth Nielsen

Professor , dr.jur., Law Department, Copenhagen Business School.

Ruth Nielsen's main research interest is the interaction of EU law and national law in various legal areas including IT law. She has written books and articles on e-commerce law and related problems.

Anders R Olsson

Journalist, author

Anders R Olsson is a freelance writer (journalist and author) who for 30 years has specialized in the legal infrastructure of democracy. More specifically, he has concentrated on challenges to civil liberties occurring in the transition from an “industrial” to an “information” society. He has written and spoken extensively on topics like freedom of speech, freedom of information, citizens access to documents held by authorities, privacy, as well as the nature of and prerequisites for democratic processes. Olsson’s work has earned him prizes, among them The Söderberg Foundations Journalist Award 2004 (150.000 SEK).

Per Oscarson

Dr Per Oscarson, Krisberedskapsmyndigheten (KBM)

Per Oscarson är utredare på KBM:s informationssäkerhetsenhet och har varit ansvarig handläggare vid framtagningen av handlingsplanen för samhällets informationssäkerhet. Per arbetar nu med genomförande av handlingsplanen i de delar som rör myndigheters och andra organisationers styrning av informationssäkerhet. Vid sidan av arbetet på KBM är Per forskare på halvtid på Örebro universitet och han arbetar med KBM:s forskningsutlysningar inom informationssäkerhet. Tidigare har Per arbetat som lärare och konsult i informationssäkerhet vid Örebro universitet, Nexus och Transcendent Group. Per har disputerat vid Linköpings universitet med avhandlingen ”Actual and Perceived Information Systems Security”.

Carolyn Paris

Author, Lawyer and Researcher (London School of Economics, Information Systems Group)

Carolyn Paris is a former lawyer who was a corporate finance partner at Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York City from 1989-1998. She has extensive experience in knowledge management, professional development and risk management in the law firm setting, and is the author of Drafting for Corporate Finance (Practising Law Institute, New York City, 2007). She has worked with contracts and ICT support of contracting for many years, with experience in document automation, workflow, construction of repositories and database integration. She is currently doing graduate research at the London School of Economics in the Information Systems Group, and her area of research is ICT support of contracting. Ms. Paris has a BA (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1973), MA (University of Texas at Austin 1975), JD (Stanford University 1978), MBA (Columbia University 2001) and a Second Major in Computer Science (Columbia University 2002). She is based in London.

André Rickardsson

presentation to be supplemented

Rolf Riisnæs

Advokat dr. juris Rolf Riisnæs, advokatfirmaet Wikborg, Rein & Co (Oslo)

Rolf Riisnæs arbeider som advokat med IT-rettslige spørsmål, herunder elektronisk samhandling og eforvaltning, informasjonssikkerhet, personvern og IT-kontrakter. Han har vært tilknyttet Institutt for rettsinformatikk ved Universitetet i Oslo der han i 2006 forsvarte sin juridiske doktoravhandling om digitale sertifikater og sertifikattjenester.

Jan Rosén

Jan Rosén, LLD and Professor of Private Law at the Law faculty, Stockholm University. His main fields of research are Intellectual Property, Media Law and Market Law, with a certain focus on Copyright and its connection to mass-communication, IT Law and new informational facilities. In Media Law he has searched to target norms for Freedom of Expression and Information, advertising and other forms of competition oriented regulations as well as broadcasting regulations. Among his commissions could be mentioned: Chairman of the Swedish Copyright Society; Chairman of the board of Bonus Presskopia; Vice President of Association Littéraire et Artistique International (ALAI); President (elect) of The International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP). Jan Rosén is also a member of the Swedish Governments IT Commission and he is The Governments special investigator to revise the Swedish Copyright Act.

Ahti Saarenpää

University of Lapland

Professor Ahti Saarenpää is Professor of Private Law and Director of the Institute for Law and Informatics in the Faculty of Law at the University of Lapland. His other responsibilities nationally include the deputy chairship of the Data Protection Board and work with the Supervisory Board of the Finnish Bar Association. Professor Saarenpää served for many years as a member of the board of the Library of Parliament in Helsinki, and presently chairs the board of the library at the University of Lapland. Among other activities he is currently preparing an expert opinion for the Ministry of Finance on the regulatory framework for national basic registers.

Dag Wiese Schartum

Professor dr. juris Dag Wiese Schartum, Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law (NRCCL)

Section for eGovernment Studies

Schartum was appointed professor in 1997 and has been chair of the NRCCL since 2007. His main research fields are data protection, information security, electronic government and regulatory management. Schartum has been appointed member of several government expert committees drafting data protection legislation. He has been author and editor of several books, the most recent being "eForvaltning på norsk" ("eGovernment the Norwegian way"), with Professor Arild Jansen as co-editor (2008).

Erich Schweighofer

University of Vienna

Erich Schweighofer holds degrees in law, economics and informatics and is presently associate professor at Vienna University, Faculty for Law. He teaches legal informatics, international law and European law, and is also head of the Centre for Computers and Law. In legal informatics, his research focuses on legal knowledge representation, in particular information retrieval, (semi)automatic text analysis, automatic classification, XML and ontologies.

Patricia Shaughnessy

Dr. Patricia Shaughnessy, a senior lecturer at Stockholm University, is the supervisor of the Master of International Commercial Arbitration Law Program and also teaches and researches in other related fields, including comparative law, legal methodology, and EC Procedural law. Her dissertation was a comparative study of the attorney-client privilege and her subsequent research is focused primarily on commercial dispute resolution. Prior to her academic career, she spent ten years as practicing lawyer specialised in civil litigation in the United States and was also an Adjunct Professor at the William S. Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii. After obtaining her doctorate at Stockholm University, she served as a Senior Judicial Fellow at the United States Supreme Court and worked at the Federal Judicial Center. In addition to her academic work, she performs consulting work for foreign legal development and also for private adjudicative matters, including acting as an arbitrator. She is on the Board of Directors for the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and also on the Board of Directors for the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law, where she also heads the Section for Arbitration and other dispute resolution.

Viveca Still

Project Manager, Ministry of Education
Legal Counsel, IPR (on leave 1.5-31.10.2008) University of Art and Design

LL.D. Viveca Still acts as Project Manager responsible for the coordination of copyright issues at the Ministry of Education. She has ten years of theoretical and practical experience in the IT law and copyright field. Her doctoral thesis “DRM och upphovsrättens obalans” (2007) deals with how Digital Rights Management affects copyright’s balance and how to re-establish an informational balance appropriate for the common information area.

Sakari Tamminen

Doctoral student. Department of Social Psychology, University of Helsinki. Member of the PRIMA research group (see above Bylund)

Sakari Tamminen has a background in social psychology and anthropology (Lic. Soc.Sc. 2003, UH) and is currently finishing his PhD about new technologies. He has also studied usability and user cantered design at the Helsinki University of Technology (dept. of computer science) and has handed in his lic. thesis on privacy inspired design last year. He has worked with new product development and evaluation of information technology for the past eight years, and has held a position as university lecturer in usability at the Helsinki University of Technology between 2003-2006. Sakari is interested in empirical evaluation of new technology with users, the co-construction of technology and society, and the role of technology in social theory.

Olav Torvund

Professor dr. juris

Olav Torvund is professor at Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, University of Oslo. He has mainly been working with electronic commercial transactions, contracts and intellectual property.

Tommy Tranvik

NRCCL, Oslo universitet

Tommy Tranvik är statsvetare med en doktorsgrad från Universitetet i Bergen, och arbetar på Senter for rettsinformatikk med ett projekt om efterlevnad av informationssäkerhetsreglerna i den norska personupplysningslagen.

Jan Trzaskowski

Jan Trzaskowski is Associate Professor, Ph.D. at the Law Department of Copenhagen Business School. He has dealt with legal aspects of new technology since the mid 90's, and is member of Danish IT Society's advisory board on IT and Law ('Dansk ITs fagråd for IT og jura'). He has been involved in numerous private and public initiatives concerning legal aspects of new technology, including information technology and electronic commerce.

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Suzanne Wennberg

Professor of Criminal Law, Dean of the Department of Law, Stockholm University

Her research can be divided into two streams: one concerning the general part of criminal law, and the other concerning economic crime in the broad sense of the term.

She was awarded her LL.D. degree in 1977, her thesis being entitled ‘Förskingring’ (Embezzlement). Her examination work for the right to teach as associate professor, ‘Försök till brott’ (Attempted Crime), presented in 1985 concerned, on the other hand, corollary forms of crime.

Her research has also dealt with philosophical aspects of criminal law.

Louise Yngström

presentation to be supplemented

Wiggo Öberg

presentation to be supplemented

Patrick Van Eecke

Prof. Dr. Patrick Van Eecke graduated from the K.U. Leuven (1993 Lic Iur, cum laude) and obtained a LL.M. degree at the Rechtsfakultät, Universität Trier, Germany (1994, Magister Iuris in Deutschem Recht, summa cum laude).

Prof. Van Eecke was a research fellow at Stanford University, United States in 2001-2002 and received his doctoral degree in 2004 at the K.U.Leuven. He was previously appointed as the advisor to the Belgian Minister of Justice on the legal issues of the information highway and co- authored different laws in this area, such as the Belgian draft laws on electronic signatures, on computer crime law and on telecommunications interception.

Prof. Van Eecke also represented the Belgian government in its discussions at the European Council on information society related legal initiatives (directive on electronic signatures and the directive on electronic commerce).

He is a member of the Brussels bar representing clients and governments on legal issues related to the information society. Prof. Van Eecke is also lecturing at Queen Mary and at King's College, both University of London. He is the author of diverse legal articles and books on computer crime, electronic signatures, electronic contracting and privacy and is a regular speaker on national and international conferences.

Sören Öman

IT law expert. Director of the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law, Stockholm university

Sören Öman works as a legal consultant and gives lectures. He has extensive experience in i.a. labour law and data protection. Sören Öman is Vice-Chairman of the Swedish National Labour Court and has extensive experience as an arbitrator. Sören Öman has worked in the field of data protection since 1996, acting as a legal adviser to the Swedish Minister of Justice 2000–2005 and representing Sweden in the European Union and the Council of Europe. He has been commissioned as Special Investigator by the Government to review the Swedish Personal Data Act and to propose legislation for the processing of personal data for student aid. He has been Chairman of the Swedish Society for Computers and Law. Sören Öman has i.a. co-written a legal commentary on the Swedish Personal Data Act.