Monday November 17th

18:00 Roschier Advokatbyrå invites to welcome reception at Blasieholmsgatan 4 A

Tuesday November 18th

Conference venue: Aula Magna at Stockholm University
08:30 Registration and coffee
09:00 Opening of the conference
Suzanne Wennberg, Dean of the Law Faculty, Stockholm University
09:10 Introduction to the conference programme
Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg, Conference chair
Morning plenary session

Expert rapporteur: Patrick Van Eecke

Automation and the Law
09:30 Logical representation of legal rules (abstract)
Andrew Jones
10:00 Understanding the dynamics of privacy regulation (abstract)
Peter Seipel
10:30 Coffee break
Standardisation as a regulatory measure
11:00 Support of legal information supply (abstract)
Lars Klasén
11:30 Security enhancement (abstract)
Dag Wiese Schartum
12:00 Presentation of track sessions
12:30 Thomson Reuters invites to lunch
Tracks - Session A
Tillgång till information och upphovsrätt: Hindrar eller främjar upphovsrätten en digital tillgång till information? Juridik och informationssäkerhet: Informationssäkerhet – en juridisk uppgift Privacy in the making: Privacy protection, a broad perspective Legal Information Retrieval in the Digital Age: Challenges in current legal information retrieval methods Proactive law and IT: Legal Risk analyses in IT Projects
13:30 Inledning
Katarina Renman Claesson
Helena Andersson
Welcome and practical information
Peter Seipel
Christine Kirchberger
Legal Risk Analysis as Preparatory Steps in the Drafting of new IT-related Legislation (abstract)
Peter Wahlgren
What is ‘privacy’ and what are the main concerns today?
Viewpoints of the lawmaker
Olle Abrahamsson
Language technology to improve information retrieval (abstract)
Hercules Dalianis
(13:50) Hindrar upphovsrätten sökning i digitalt material?
Daniel Westman
Viewpoints of the legal scholar
Peter Blume
14:00 Behovet av informationssäkerhet för att trygga mänskliga fri- och rättigheter (abstract)
Ahti Saarenpää
Viewpoints of the computer and systems scientist
Markus Bylund
(14:10) Omintetgör skyddet av elektronisk rättighetshantering upphovsrättslagens inskränkningar? (abstract)
Viveca Still
(14:10) Information Access - Beyond Simple Retrieval (abstract)
Jussi Karlgren
(14:15) A method for legal risk management, exemplified in a case study on IT outsourcing (abstract)
Tobias Mahler
General discussion
Mikael Johnson (moderator)
14:30 Når ophavsretten provokerer informationssamfundet - bidrag til en debat om jura, politik, rimelighed og initiativ (abstract)
Mads Bryde Andersen
Rättens roll i skyddet mot nätverksintrång
Conny Larsson och André Rickardsson
(14:40) The "i" in legal information retrieval (abstract)
Christine Kirchberger
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Upphovsrätt på 2000-talet- en praktikers perspektiv (abstract)
Peter Danowsky
Digitale sertifikater og sertifikattjenester (abstract)
Rolf Riisnaes
Particular issues associated with privacy
Privacy and information security
Magnus Bergström
Finding legal information through analysis and content-driven user conversations (abstract)
Henning Klemp
Legal Risk Management of advertising in a digital environment (abstract)
Jan Trzaskowski
Privacy and people’s practices
Asko Lehmuskallio
16:00 Upphovsrätt v Public domain (abstract)
Eva Hemmungs-Wirtén
Digitala bevis
Stefan Kronqvist
Privacy and the changing framework of information and communication technologies
Markus Bylund and Peter Seipel
Is searching the best way to retrieve legal documents? (abstract)
Trygve Harvold
Proactive Remedies Schemes: A Manifesto For A New Approach To Outsourcing Contract Solutions (abstract)
Roger Bickerstaff
16:30 Paneldiskussion
Viveca Still, Mads Bryde Andersen, Eva Hemmungs-Wirtén, Peter Danowsky
Per Furberg (moderator)
General discussion
Mikael Johnson (moderator)
A common work flow - Design and Production (abstract)
Søren Broberg Nielsen
Panel discussion: Prospects, costs and limitations of legal risk management
Conference dinner
From 18:30 Advokatfirman Delphi invites to pre-dinner reception at Regeringsgatan 30-32
20:00 Advokatfirman Delphi invites to Conference dinner at Operaterassen. The Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute 40th Anniversary

Wednesday November 19th

Tracks - Session B
Tillgång till information och upphovsrätt: Upphovsrätten och tillgången till offentlig information

(Mer information)
Juridik och informationssäkerhet: Reglering av informationssäkerhet Privacy in the making: Privacy protection, a close-up Legal Information Retrieval in the Digital Age: New business models for legal information retrieval Proactive Law and IT: Contract Management and IT Outsourcing
8:45 Coffee
9:00 Inledning
Daniel Westman
Information Security Regulations: Explaining Compliance and Non-Compliance (abstract)
Tommy Tranvik
The many crossing views. A kaleidoscope of concerns
Reflections of a Data Supervisor
Göran Gräslund
New School Case Law Knowledge Management (abstract)
Richard De Mulder
Can ICT “capture” contracts and contracting? (abstract)
Carolyn Paris
User studies, human-computer interaction and privacy
Sakari Tamminen
(9:20) Upphovsrättsliga grundförutsättningar för tillgången till information
Jan Rosén
09:30 Föreskrifter om informationssäkerhet
Wiggo Öberg
Privacy threats to freedom of information
Anders R Olsson
Enriching legal text corpora with ontologies. An option for higher pricing of legal information systems? (abstract)
Erich Schweighofer
(09:45)Förutsättningarna för vidareanvändning av offentlig information
Nicklas Lundblad
Mirroring digital identities. Increasing user awareness
Markus Bylund
(09:45) Pitfalls in implementing and running a CM-system (abstract)
Helge Follestad
10:00 Ledningssystem för informationssäkerhet
Fredrik Björck
General discussion
Peter Seipel (moderator)
Automatic Detection of Argumentation in Legal Cases (abstract)
Raquel Mochales Palau
(10:10) Arkiv och bibliotek m.m. på nätet
Katarina Renman-Claesson
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Case I: Geografisk information m.m. (abstract)
Laila Aslesen
En nationell handlingsplan (abstract)
Per Oscarson
How to build privacy protection. Means, needs and difficulties
Lessons learned from lawmaking
Sören Öman
Beyond free text search - structured querying of legal information (abstract)
Peter Krantz
What can contract management learn from regulatory management?
Jon Bing
A present day view of choices and difficulties
Lee Bygrave
11:30 Case 2: Radio- och tv-företagens arkiv
Henrik Grinbaum
Ett holistiskt perspektiv på informationssäkerhet
Louise Yngström
General discussion
Peter Seipel (moderator)
Digital law – a law firm perspective on information retrieval (abstract)
David Eriksson
A contract lawyer's perspective on contract management (abstract)
Olav Torvund
(11:50) Paneldebatt
12:00 Paneldiskussion
General discussion Panel discussion: The role of lawyers in contract management
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon plenary sessions
Expert rapporteur: Nikolaus Forgó
Horizontal vs. vertical regulations
13:30 Regulating the information society
Olav Torvund
14:00 How to deal with intellectual property in user-generated content (abstract)
Viveca Still
14:30 Coffee break
Soft IT Law
15:00 Governing recommendations and negotiated agreements (abstract)
Henrik Bengtsson
15:30 Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Method for Resolving Disputes in a Globalised World or Globalising the World through Resolving Disputes? (abstract)
Patricia Shaughnessy
16:00 Concluding panel discussion
Herbert Burkert (moderator)
17:00 Conference ends