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About IRI

In 1968 the Working Party for EDP and Law was established at Stockholm University’s Law Faculty. For many years the Party was active in the support of and contribution to research. This was accomplished through, amongst other things, the arranging of seminars, and the building of a specialised library. As a result of increased activity and due to a larger contact network, an organisational change took place in 1981 when the Working Party was transformed into the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI) at Stockholm University. A part of the externally-orientated activity was passed on to the then newly established Swedish association for IT and law ("ADBJ").

The Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute (IRI) is overseen by the university’s Law Faculty administration and its constitution has been confirmed by the University’s Vice Chancellor. Peter Seipel, Professor emeritus of Law and Informatics at Stockholm University, was director of the Institute from the time it was founded until his retirement. Professor Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg succeeded him in this position and the Institute's current director is Professor Peter Wahlgren.

In addition, Stockholm University has selected Law and Informatics ("Rättsinformatik") as one of its profile fields of science.

Last updated 2015-11-25