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The Elizabeth Haub Prize
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International Council of Environmental
- towards sustainable development -

The Elizabeth Haub Foundations for Environmental Law and Policy in the US, Canada and Germany were founded in order to support the International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL) and the IUCN Environmental Law Programme (IUCN-ELP) ICEL was founded in 1969 in New Delhi as a public interest organization with the aim of promoting the exchange of information on the legal, administrative and policy aspects of environmental conservation and sustainable development, to support new initiatives in this field, and to encourage advice and assistance through its network.

Individual and Corporate members are elected by ICEL's Board of Governors for a term of two years. The membership at present comprises over 300 Individual and 23 Corporate (i.e. institutional) members. New members, both individual and corporate, must be proposed by existing members on the basis of their expertise and interest. Election to the Council is seen as a distinction. ICEL awarded the Elizabeth Haub Prize in Environmental Law in cooperation with the Université libre de Bruxelles until 2006. ICEL and the University of Stockholm inaugurated a new era upon signing an agreement of cooperation beginning with the awarding of the 2007 Prize.

ICEL is also very proud of its partnership in creating the Environmental Diplomacy Award with the Pace University School
of Law.

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Erivan & Helga Haub
Born in 1932 to an old merchant family, Erivan Haub is a political economist. Before handing over his position as sole managing partner to his sons he was at the helm of the family company for more than 30 years. He is now Chairman of the group.

The Schmitz-Scholl/Tengelmann enterprise was established in 1867 by Wilhelm Schmitz and Louise Scholl as a wholesale business selling coffee, tea and cacao. Today, the group’s operations comprise the grocery chain TENGELMANN/KAISER’S, the limited assortment discount stores PLUS, the textile discount stores KiK and the DIY hypermarkets OBI. The company is represented in 15 countries in Europe and in the United States where they own the majority of THE GREAT ATLANTIC PACIFIC TEA COMPANY, Inc.

For many years Erivan Haub has been actively involved in environmental and sustainable development issues using his chains of stores as communication vehicles. Under the group’s logo “Frog and Turtle” trail-blazing campaigns have been executed for which the company received a number of prizes and is now recognized as the pioneer in this field of activity. This is signified by Erivan Haub being chosen as the first recipient of the EARTH DAY AWARD.

Erivan Haub’s commitment to the environment is not restricted to his company’s business affairs. IN 1991, he established the Erivan Karl Haub Chair in Business and the Environment at the York University in Toronto, Canada. Furthermore, in order to improve transatlantic cooperation in the education sphere, he founded the Erivan Karl Haub Executive Conference Center and the Haub School of Business at the St. Joseph’s University of Philadelphia, from which received an honorary doctorate degree in 1992. Due to his achievements in promoting American-German relations, Erivan Haub received the Dr. Leo M. Goodman Award from the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany in 1996.

In 2004 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross 1st Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his work as an entrepreneur and engaging himself in an extraordinary way for his fellow-beings, culture, charity and above all for the protection of the environment.

In 1958, Helga Otto married Erivan Haub whom she had met while both were studying at Hamburg University. The couple has three sons and eight grandchildren, all born in the United States.
Once the youngest German business economist, Helga Haub devoted herself to the raising of the family’s next generation and the family business. Upon the passing of Elizabeth Haub, she eagerly trod in the footsteps of her mother-in-law’s commitment to the environment and sustainable development, enhancing it on an international level. Besides being Chairwoman of the Karl Schmitz-Scholl Fund she also chairs the Elizabeth Haub Foundation in the United States and Canada. Her personal range of activity - beyond the family business – includes among others: the American Chamber of Commerce, the George C. Marshall International Center at Dodona Manor, the Helga Otto Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming and last but not least, the U.S.O. Germany of which she has been President of the Rhein-Main Area for many years.

An honorary doctorate degree was presented to her by St. Joseph’s University of Philadelphia in 1992 and in 2005 by the University of Wyoming.

In recognition of her services she has also been awarded the: Medal of Merit, United Air Force in Europe, Department of the Air Force;
Spirit of Hope Award, U.S.O. World;
Distinguished Public Service Medal, United States Department of Defense.