Finding Law: Retrieval of legal information in a digital context

NJD (nätverket för juris doktorander) conference, 18-19 October 2012
organised by the Faculty of Law, Stockholm University, Sweden

So you think you are a master in finding sources on the Internet?
Ok then… please find the following answers on the web:

1) What age in world history is named for the man who introduced pay for jurors?
2) Which book on H.L.A. Hart talks about jurisprudence being a theoretical study of a practical subject?
3) Which book on tax policy & the UK refers to Eva-Maria Svensson’s and Åsa Gunnarsson's book from 2007?

Did you find it? Nope? Well, well – how about attending the national Doctoral Candidate Conference next month? The Conference will give you the tools to find the relevant sources. Furthermore you will be introduced to the legal methods to evaluate sources on the internet. So, don’t hesitate – register!

This year’s annual conference deals with the question of finding relevant legal sources in the course of research. In particular, the following two questions will be discussed:
  • How can you find legal information online and where can you find it?
  • What affect does increased availability and accessibility have on legal method and source criticism?
Venue: Högberga gård, Grindstigen 5-6, Lidingö, Stockholm
A preliminary programme is available here. For more information about registration, please click here.

Live streaming from event via Twitter: Please use #dokkonf2012