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Welcome to The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute

The Swedish Law & Informatics Research Institute (IRI) examines the relationship and interaction between law and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). IRI is an independent institute within the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University. IRI's areas of interest include the interpretation and application of rules and regulations in the digital environment, and the development of methods for legally customized system design and management. The focus is therefore not simply law from an ICT perspective, but includes issues surrounding the application of digital tools, such as in the area of automation.

On campus the Institute’s associates are active within research, education and a variety of other activities associated with ICT-support, such as e-examinations. Law and information technology has been selected as one of the leading research areas at Stockholm University.

Outside of the university, the Institute collaborates a great deal with other research centres, not only within Sweden but also internationally. Furthermore, IRI cooperates with public authorities, private companies as well as other organizations. This cooperation commonly includes legal training, research questions and other aspects of cross-sector issues associated with the modern information society. The Institute is often referred to for its opinion on state inquiries that touch on the ICT sphere.

IRI has also been a major actor in the establishment of several networks. Mention here could be made of LISA – Legal Information Standards Action Network and NSPL – The Nordic School of Proactive Law. Since the establishment of the so called Trust for Legal Information ("Stiftelsen för Rättsinformation") in 1988, its administration has been entrusted to IRI.

Last updated 06 sep 2013