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This book is meant as a guide to modern handling of legal information with the aid of standardized markup languages, in response to the well-known need for sharpened tools for managing the rapidly growing amount of legal information in combination with transborder data flows, especially on the Internet. The SGML and XML international standards for document description are becoming increasingly important for the legal domain in these respects.

The content is based on empirical results reached in the Corpus Legis Project. This interdisciplinary research programme began in 1994 at the Faculty of Law, Stockholm University and it has led to three different IT-applications, which may be categorised according to the following profiles:
- hypertext based systems,
- advanced information retrieval systems, and
- general electronic document & management systems

Experiences from this practical work are described in the book. Major activities associated with the development of an SGML system, e.g. document analysis, DTD-design (Document Type Definition), and markup, are described from a legal point of view. The study comprises document types originating from different national legal systems, written in various languages, and covering a broad time perspective.

The book can thus be seen as a checklist of critical factors in legal document management.

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